Cranking my favorite CD (Black Lab ‘Your Body Above Me’)

Same deal with blindbags and trading cards. Turns out we as a society are just fine using casino techniques to market useless junk to children. If you think thats a big issue that needs to be fixed dildos, fine, it just sure as fuck aint new.. [Quigley] was a member of the environmental community, said […]

Sarah Palin, McCain running mate, Speer said

Bush and Richard Nixon, mostly gathering dust.”I would say more Obama,” as far as sales go, said Becky Speer surgical mask, manager at Halloween USA.”It a close race between the two of them, who going to sell out first.”A $59.99 Donkey mask from the “Shrek” movies also hangs among the political faces at Speer store.”Too […]

See, he was playing second base, and had the ball, and one of

And crucially they are largely injury free.Napier: Don’t write off the Chiefs. The Hurricanes, of course, are the favourites cheap nba Jerseys, with home advantage and an all important week off. But the Chiefs have been here before. “That’s due to the fact that we had this game,” reliever said. “It was just disbelief that […]

It’s up to you to control what you look at and not put

Going into the weekend, box office analysts had feared that “Ready Player One” might arrive to as little as $38 million in ticket sales in the United States and Canada. Its stars, Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke, are not household names. Its story line teenagers in a dystopian future search for treasure inside a virtual […]

This distinction was formally dropped within a year of the

I discovered the Muslim trans community through Tumblr. Knowing that there are trans and queer Muslims like me made me feel so happy. It was a huge help. It is also bio availability enhanced for better nutrient absorption. Feedback is continually positive with women reporting increased libido and sexual energy with less stress and more […]

From what I’ve read it seems like one of your biggest fears is

It not about the jealousy. I not jealous at all. It knowing she got such a MASSIVE frame of reference that I will inevitably be compared and come up short. I’d have to say this qualifies as the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Neither of us has had past sexual experiences at all, including oral […]