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Or if you don’t withdrawl immediately after ejaculation while holding the base of the condom securely (check out the instructions in our Simple Condom Primer). Or if too much lube is applied to the inside of the condom (once again, check out the Condom Primer). It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice […]

The reasons to own at least one of these books (and this one in

Voters will have to determine if the murky health status of Clinton and Trump should be a factor in the November decision. What’s certain is that the campaign trail can be brutal cheap sex toys dildo, and the presidency itself can pound away at the health of whoever occupies the Oval Office. Four presidents William […]

Polytheists claim that humans share the world with spiritual

An unusually large number of people may be affected by Irene. That’s because it is forecast to stay just offshore and thus retain much of its power as it inches up the coast from North Carolina to New England. When a hurricane hits land, it quickly loses steam.. Among the culinary goodies offered at Georgia […]

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Plaintiff filed a “Hybrid Pleading Making a Conscientious Effort to Comply with the Court’s Orders Manifesting an Amended Complaint” (“Hybrid Pleading”). There, Plaintiff contends that requiring citizens to file an individual tax return establishes a religion centered on the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), which has burdened Plaintiff’s First Amendment rights to free speech and free […]

The lighting is subtle but adequate

Bellis Fair General Manager Austin Israelsky said there are no confirmed tenants for those spots yet, but there is interest. A building permit application was submitted to construct a commercial building at 640 Harris Ave. bikini swimsuit, near the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. Lopez, Sarah Elizabeth Morton, Thea Gray Parker III cheap bikinis, Taylor Ryan Sanders, […]