The vibrator lasts for approximately 2 hours after each charge

I enjoy watching the gauge to see how much pressure is in the tube. I usually pump it quite a bit, until it becomes uncomfortable and release the pressure. Then I repeat.. The vibrator lasts for approximately 2 hours after each charge. After the initial 8 hour charge, the vibrator then should be charged in […]

First, it could be too loose or in some cases too round and

Frazier had distributed photo fliers around the city in hopes of finding her. Court papers in the case alleged a particularly brutal end for Frazier. Another teen, 17 year old Johnnie Sweet, allegedly lured Frazier to his apartment and ordered his friends to beat her. There are only two ways a cock ring can malfunction […]

The design is fun and suggestively realistic, which I enjoy

The size is good to fit comfortably in the hand sex chair, and the stretchiness allows it to accommodate nearly any size penis. The design is fun and suggestively realistic vibrators dog dildo, which I enjoy. However, it is the opposite of discreet. No storms in the forecast. Compared to yesterday, today will be a […]

put up with burning muscles and overall strain so they used to

The ones that were absolutely put there on purpose, though, are some of the most baffling. The artist signed these inscriptions “Dion,” meaning that was either their name or someone they really hated. Another inscription reads “Nikasitimos was here mounting Timiona.” In lieu of pouring one out, high five the ground for those dudes.. Still, […]

As far as leak proof goes, it’s just like any bottle of lube

The Spanish used complex systems of control over the indigenous peoples of the Americas. These practices continued after independence pretty much across the former empire. Most notably the Casta System a detailed racially based legal hierarchy helped maintain control over the indigenous populations. The wide, shallow seas of the Carboniferous Period provided ideal conditions for […]

Which makes Santa every girl’s dream date

This series presenting cinematic classics to young people kicks off its spring season with actual kicks and quite a few pokes, smacks, jabs and swings, too. These come from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, whose slapstick talents are showcased in an 80 minute program of newly restored comic shorts: “Berth Marks” (1929), in which railway […]